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Herb Ranharter

Prismacolor drawing

"0111 Apples"
1991 Herb Ranharter
Prismacolor on rag paper

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Greetings and welcome.

My name is Herb Ranharter. I work in mixed media. I consider all my work as mixed media because it is my contention that any work requires time, skill, a variety of materials and last not least your perception, thus making every work a mixed media effort. My images usually revolve around the communication of ideas. It is my hope that every work you are willing to spend your time and patience on will amuse you in the true sense of the word.

No matter what the image, it is my aim to contain ideas in each work. The occasional exception would be among my photographs where I often settle for sheer visual pleasure.

Please Note: All my work is for sale and I appreciate your considering the purchase any of the pieces. I also work under contract to create web pages, portraits, graphics, photographs and drawings. Please consider my talents for your applications. My resume and references will be furnished as required; work is always needed and appreciated.

You can change the world by changing yourself and your spending habits. What you spent on an individual artist's work may well be your most effective counterbalance to the the global "shopping-mallification".
HAR 1997
You think you see what I paint, but I really paint what you see.
HAR 1997

Copyright 1997 Herb Ranharter
All Rights Reserved.

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May 25, 1997
updated November 9, 2003

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