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David Gilhooly
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I was born the son of a 49er in the Mother Lode Country of California. All we had to eat were scorpions and boy could my mother make a scorpion last for a long time.

I was simply a lousy student. I didn't want to take chemistry or German. Looking back I know that what I wanted was to be independent. I resented authority fiercely and I wanted to be famous.

David Gilhooly

from David Gilhooly
1997 John Natsoulas Press

In the late 1960's, the work of David Gilhooly and some of his fellow students and teachers at the University of California at Davis was referred to by artist Roy De Forest as "Nut Art." But this soon became known as "FUNK," thanks to a show at the University of California Art Museum in 1966, curated by Peter Selz. At the age of 23, Gilhooly had a solo show at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.

Gilhooly's work is in many public collections, including:

David Gilhooly

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