Lionel B. Gilbert

World War I World War I

World War 1 Memorial
2000 Lionel B. Gilbert
Bronze sculpture, 12" high
photography by Eestarr

My view as a sculptor is very diverse and yet very intimate. When I sculpt a particular object, I feel that I am not only creating a reticent object, but I am imputing a feeling into the subject which is being transferred from my hands to the subject. It has great emotions for me, and I believe these emotions and feelings are transformed to the object. I believe sculpting with clay, because of clay being a pliable medium, allows my hands and emotions to be transferred to the object. This for me is a very stimulating and satisfyiing art form.

Lionel B. Gilbert

Lionel B. Gilbert
22 S.E. 4th Street
Boca Raton, FL 33432

fax: (954)698-5020

Featured in the Art2u Gallery:

Sculpture by Lionel B. Gilbert

November 20, 2000
updated November 9, 2003

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